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Getting involved with looking after our environment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Say ‘No!’ to the plastic bag! Bring your own reusable one or reuse an old plastic bag!
Aim to buy items with less packaging.
Make use of our recycling bins on site to recycle your paper, cardboard, plastic, cans & tins.

Travel by foot or by bus - have a look at our contact us page for detailed information about public transport

Buy Local - Morpeth has lots of wonderful independent shops and delicatessen's or you could try our own rare breed Northumbrian lamb.  There is also a farmers market on regularly in the town square.

Support other Green Tourism Business - We are members of the Greener Camping Club which have a network of sites across the UK.

Take part in our wildlife watch - Let us know what you spot when you are staying with us?  Hare, deer, woodpeckers, owls, swans, ducks, geese, voles, field mice, herons, foxes and badgers have all been spotted by our guests.

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