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Getting involved with looking after our environment

Do you want to make your stay at Tranwell Farm Holidays even more sustainable?


By staying with us at Tranwell Farm, you're already making a significant contribution. Your payment helps fund our ongoing conservation efforts. If you’d like to do even more, here are a few tips on how to be a responsible visitor…


Support local businesses – Eating at the pub, shopping locally, or visiting nearby attractions helps boost the local economy and preserves the charm of Northumberland. Check our Northumberland pages for dining options, great outings, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on local events.

Take a car-free day – Consider leaving the car behind for at least one day. Better yet, arrive on foot, by bike, or via public transport. Visit our contact us page for transport options.

Reduce your food miles – The energy required to get food to your plate greatly impacts climate change. We produce our own lamb here at Tranwell Farm, available for order. Visit local shops and farm stores like Moorhouse Farm Shop and Nature’s Finest Fruits at Heighley Gate Garden Centre.

Refill your bottles – Our tap water is free, so bring bottles to refill. Visit to find places where you can top up your water bottle for free while out and about.

Take shorter showers – Reducing your shower time can make a big difference. On the campsite, this also helps the next person in the queue!

Waste less (and save money) – Try to avoid putting food in the bins. If it’s compostable and not fit for eating, remove the wrapping and place it in the compost bin. If you don’t want to take food home at the end of your stay, leave it in the fridge. For campers, non-perishable items can be left in the welcome hut. It might save the next guest from buying another bottle of tomato sauce. Remember, all of Tranwell Farm’s waste is hand-checked for recycling, so avoid discarding moldy bread, milky cereals, and baked beans.

Leave unwanted toiletries – You can leave unused toiletries in the shower block for other campers who may have forgotten theirs. Just place them in the shower caddies.

Recycle – It only takes a moment and helps send most of our 'waste' back into the usable resource stream. Campers will find bins for glass, tins, and clean plastic in the recycling area at the campsite entrance. Please rinse all recyclables – moldy yogurt containers and dirty meat trays attract unwanted wildlife. Paper and cardboard are handy for lighting campfires, but we also have a bin for any excess.

Take your camping gear home – While camping equipment can sometimes fail, please take it home with you for proper disposal. We've found numerous airbeds and broken chairs left by the bins!

Turn off unused items – Turn off lights and lower the heating in your accommodation rather than opening a window. Also, turn things off when you go out for the day. Although the cost of electricity is included in your stay and it’s renewable, reducing consumption helps protect the planet.


For more information about our sustainability efforts, visit our Sustainability page.

For more information on our visit Green Buying policy page.

For more information on our single use plastics policy please <click here>

For more information on our waste management policy please <clickhere>

For more information on our carbon management policy please <click here>

For details on Northumberland's Net Zero Policy, <click here>.

We are “off grid”. That means that there is no mains electric, gas or sewerage here. Most of our electric is powered by the sun using a bank of solar panels which connect through to a solar battery system. For our campsite this means unfortunately we cannot provide electric hookup but you will find usb phone chargers in our welcome hut. It also means that our supply is not endless so remember to turn off the lights! We have a septic tank to handle all our sewage. We use eco friendly product to clean all the toilets and showers. The septic tank runs through a filtration bed and then through a reed bed so it is very important that chemicals are never poured down the drains. We have a separate chemical disposal tank on site but really appreciate it if guests can only use green chemicals.

Buy Local Northumberland has a wealth of wonderful local produce including our own Tranwell Farm Lamb, here are a few of our other favourites: * Caribe Coffee * Fentimans pop * Marlish Waters * Northumbrian Bakehouse * Canny Gadgies artisan sweets * Todburn soaps * Ringtons tea * Northumbrian tea * Hadrian wall brewery * Muckle Brewery * Ad Gefrin Whiskey and Gin * Hepple Gin * Alnwick Gin * Craster Kippers * Swallow fish * The Really Good Potato Company The list goes on, you can buy many of them from the Moorhouse Farm Shop and the Artisan beer and wine shops in Morpeth.

Waste & Recycling Please help us in our pledge towards net zero We really appreciate it if guests can recycle their waste properly. You will find recycling facilities for: Paper & cardboard Glass Batteries Plastic bottles Metal tins and cans Compostable waste We also collect our own rainwater for watering the plants

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